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Seoul tourism
Apr 21, 2014
8:13 am
Right now. Not later. Now. Go.
Apr 21, 2014
8:00 am
Homepage chatter v2
South Korea's president calls ferry captain and crew's actions 'tantamount to murder,' Cape Town is a safe haven for gay people, and monkeys in pants.
Apr 21, 2014
3:36 am
South africa gay pride
In Cape Town, gay bars abound. In other countries nearby, homosexual acts can get you tossed into prison.
Apr 21, 2014
7:17 am
Narendra modi with microphone
Oddly enough, this appears to be a legacy of Western colonialism.
Apr 20, 2014
4:20 am
Medical marijuana 2014 04 18
Officials denied reports that they'll wean inmates off drugs with pot. But we got curious: How would that work exactly if they were to do it?
Apr 20, 2014
9:18 am
East ukraine easter shootout
Russia said it was 'outraged' at the return of violence.
Apr 20, 2014
9:51 am
Pope francis easter april 20
Hint: it's not about a shootout in Ukraine and clashes in Israel.
Apr 20, 2014
8:43 am
Spain illegal downloading movies
The world's obsession with online piracy shows little sign of letting up.
Apr 20, 2014
10:10 am
Assad syria easter
Another chance to look the part of savior.
Apr 20, 2014
8:44 am
Mosque of Mercy Catania Italy 2014
Tens of thousands of Syrians have inundated Italy since the beginning of 2013.
Belief, Rights
Apr 20, 2014
10:36 am
South korea sunken ferry rescue april 20
58 have been confirmed dead since the ferry sank off the coast of South Korea. Hundreds remain missing.
Apr 18, 2014
12:24 pm
Guatemala holy week 5
The record was set in Guatemala City this week when municipal employees and volunteers came together to make a 6,061-foot-long carpet of flowers and sawdust.
Apr 18, 2014
3:23 pm
Gold 2014 4 18
An Indian businessman just had $16,000 worth of gold removed from his intestines, but that's nothing compared to pants full of monkeys.
Apr 20, 2014
9:36 am
Russia drinking problem
Witnesses said the car was out of control and flew straight at the column of people.
Apr 19, 2014
12:34 am
Afghanistan retrograde 0
The logistics of moving a military back home are pretty crazy.
Apr 19, 2014
12:29 pm
French journos syria
Their release follows that of Spanish journalists in March. Taken together, the two releases could signal a change of tactics by kidnappers in Syria.
Apr 19, 2014
9:06 am
Everest avalanche rescue april 19
Three sherpas remain missing.
Apr 19, 2014
8:17 am
Apr 19, 2014
8:06 am
Gaza happy 0
More proof that even little kids dance way better than you.
Apr 19, 2014
7:54 am
KenyaRailway RIGHTS 41814
VIDEO: With the railroad's Chinese-backed replacement in the works, employees share stories of their tough jobs.
Rights, GroundTruth
Apr 17, 2014
11:37 am
Donetsk april 11 2014
No. 1: Locals aren’t just spitting mad. They feel completely disenfranchised.
Apr 18, 2014
2:37 pm
Pakistan black magic
How much of it is in accordance with Islam is up for debate.
Apr 18, 2014
1:29 pm
Greek stadium paok 1
And also throw fish at it.