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Paraguay priest prayer 2014 05 28 crop
Jul 28, 2014
5:31 pm
A church in eastern Paraguay has reportedly dismissed its second in command, Carlos Urrutigoity, following a recent GlobalPost investigation into accusations that the priest sexually abused young men in Minnesota and Pennsylvania.
Jul 3, 2014
1:03 am
Ebola main
Where the virus comes from, what it does to its victims and why this outbreak is so bad.
Jul 28, 2014
1:20 am
Buddhist vigilantes myanmar
The specter of rapacious Muslim men, plotting a slow genocide of Buddhists through sexual conquest, is actually quite old in Myanmar.
Jul 28, 2014
1:20 am
Queen elizabeth 07 23 2014
As wages lag for ordinary workers, the British queen’s salary is going up. Not everyone’s amused.
Jul 28, 2014
10:05 am
Gaza july 28 2014
Israeli troops continued to destroy cross-border tunnels inside Gaza, and it was not clear if Hamas was ready to agree to a prolonged humanitarian ceasefire.
Jul 9, 2014
2:51 pm
Gaza graphic 6
Human misery is hard to look at. But it's one way to understand the true cost of warfare.
Jul 28, 2014
11:42 am
Libya july 28 2014
Libya's government has asked for international help to try to contain the disaster at the fuel depot.
Africa, Need to Know
Apr 3, 2014
12:33 am
Ebola outbreaks 2000
Doctors Without Borders said the way the virus has spread is unlike any previous Ebola outbreaks, raising alarm among health workers.
Jul 28, 2014
1:29 pm
Which is more popular — cats or dogs — in your country?
Jul 28, 2014
10:36 am
Tour de france wheelie
And then a hero comes along...
Jul 28, 2014
8:53 am
Ukraine july 28 2014
In a report on three months of fighting between government forces and separatist rebels, the United Nations said more than 1,100 people have been killed.
Need to Know, Europe
Jul 28, 2014
9:00 am
Homepage chatter v2
Attacks resume after lull in fighting between Israel and Gaza, Ukraine forces home in on crash site and the Queen of England got a raise.
Jul 25, 2014
2:52 pm
The once-discredited Iraqi politician is back, within striking distance of the prime minister spot. And he has book recommendations.
Jul 27, 2014
8:59 pm
Ebola outbreak july 27
An American doctor contracted the disease in Liberia and Sierra Leone saw its first victim die from it.
Jul 27, 2014
1:15 pm
Libya clashes july 27
The US, the UN and Turkey have all pulled their diplomats out of the North African country.
Jul 27, 2014
8:30 am
Gaza rubble july 27
More than 1,050 Palestinians and 46 people in Israel have died.
Jul 27, 2014
3:50 am
Back to my face
'Back to My Face' gives addicts an opportunity to, ironically, go under the knife one last time to restore their natural beauty.
Jul 25, 2014
9:41 am
Indoesia election
The world is terrible. You know this. Here are some not-so-terrible things that happened recently while you were feeling miserable and helpless about humanity.
Jul 25, 2014
11:07 am
Pope Francis children 2014
The complex story unveiled by MPR this week offers a clear look of Catholic clergy coverup of sex abuse.
Jul 27, 2014
12:48 pm
Ukraine donestk rebels fighting july 27
International observers had to ditch their plans after clashes shattered a supposed truce between government forces and insurgents in the area around the site.
Jul 24, 2014
1:10 am
A German entrepreneur aims to revitalize a moribund town in the former East by renovating an Art Nouveau icon.
Jul 26, 2014
11:27 pm
Marijuana leaf
The publication compared the federal ban on cannabis to Prohibition.
Jul 25, 2014
11:17 am
Netherlands hearses 07 25 2014
Interconnected economies give European countries strong weapons against Moscow — if they dare to use them.
Jul 26, 2014
11:35 am
Libya unrest july 26
F-16 fighters and Osprey aircraft provided security during the five-hour drive to Tunisia and there were no incidents.
Jul 26, 2014
12:33 am
Colombia dc 3 2014 07 21
Mothballed in the US, the Douglas DC-3 is a workhorse in the Colombian jungle.