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Freya with family
Dec 24, 2014
5:30 pm
DUHOK, Iraq — With professional forces slow to come to their aid, young women held by IS rely on smugglers and death-defying luck to break free.
Dec 24, 2014
2:15 pm
Jordan ISIS pilot
The pilot is the first captive taken from the U.S.-led coalition carrying out air strikes against the Islamic State.
Dec 24, 2014
1:00 am
Kurdish women fighter
Kurdish women join the PKK in droves to fight the Islamic State, which has captured and enslaved up to hundreds of Yazidi women.
May 21, 2014
12:49 am
Le pen 05 20 2014
Sunday’s elections to the European Parliament are expected to provide a dramatic boost to radical parties across the continent.
Mar 3, 2014
5:25 pm
GlobalPost must reads of 2014
A GlobalPost reporter filmed Ukrainian soldiers who say they would be fighting their brothers if the Russians attack.
Dec 24, 2014
8:01 am
Homepage chatter v2
Lawmakers vote to align Ukraine with the West, rejecting Russia and the policies of the country's former leader.
Dec 23, 2014
1:00 pm
The interview poster
Some US independent movie theaters are to show the controversial film on Christmas Day as planned, despite threats blamed on North Korea's erratic regime.
Dec 22, 2014
12:31 pm
North korea the interview franco rogen
Following the Sony hack, Obama is weighing whether to add Kim Jong Un’s regime to its list of shame.
Dec 23, 2014
12:45 am
Mexico army sword 2014 12 19
The Mexican army faces multiple murder allegations as it prepares to join United Nations peacekeeping missions.
Dec 23, 2014
12:45 am
Germany neo nazis 12 22 2014
Germany’s battle against far-right extremism goes mobile.
Dec 23, 2014
10:45 am
Abbas December UN
Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas warned that his administration would "no longer deal" with Israel if a UN resolution calling for a final peace deal fails.
Dec 23, 2014
9:45 am
Libya Benghazi Dec 2014
Recent fighting in Libya has killed hundreds of civilians and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes, the UN said Tuesday.
Middle East, AFP
Dec 23, 2014
9:30 am
Ukraine parliament 2014
The amendment passed easily, receiving 303 votes, 77 more than the minimum required to pass into law.
Nov 21, 2014
9:27 am
Ukraine conflict nov. 20 2014
A timeline of turning points in the crisis.
Need to Know, Europe
Dec 23, 2014
9:45 am
Bassem Youssef
Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef has been fined over a dispute with a television channel which suspended his show after it lampooned military leaders.
Egypt, Middle East, AFP
Sep 30, 2014
12:16 am
Mosul checkpoint iraq isil
Sara and Leila both survived the mass capture of Yazidi women and children in Iraq last month. These are their stories.
Dec 5, 2014
12:15 am
Black Pete problem Netherlands
A colonial-era tradition is bringing up race and identity issues many Dutch people didn't think they had.
Dec 22, 2014
8:44 am
Castro cuba fidel 2011 4 19
It’s a busy time of year for a big news story to break. But we've got you covered.
Dec 22, 2014
1:45 am
Indonesia asylum seekers kuta bali
With Australia growing hostile toward asylum seekers, Indonesia says they’ve become a burden.
Dec 22, 2014
8:00 am
The PKK has become a de facto ally of the US in its fight against IS. Now it wants to be taken off the State Department's terror list.
Dec 22, 2014
4:05 pm
Fries Charles Michel
You don't see this every day.
Dec 22, 2014
1:45 am
Lima climate talks 2014 12 18
Some negotiators were jubilant. Many environmentalists were furious. What does the draft agreement reached by the UN climate talks actually mean?
Dec 22, 2014
4:30 pm
China UN North Korea
China failed on Monday to block the first-ever UN Security Council meeting on North Korea's dismal rights record.
Dec 20, 2014
6:45 pm
NYPD New York killed
The union for New York police officers said that Mayor Bill de Blasio had blood on his hands after Saturday's shooting.
Dec 21, 2014
3:23 pm
Iraq kurd chief
'We did not expect to achieve all these victories,' said Iraqi Kurdish leader Massud Barzani.