YouTube video showing Juju, 8, lecturing Mubarak goes viral (VIDEO)

A YouTube video featuring an 8-year-old Saudi girl named Juju telling President Hosni Mubarak exactly what she thinks has gone viral.

Juju takes 51 seconds to scold Mubarak, telling him that he should "let the people of Egypt vote" because if he doesn't, "they're just going to make problems for you."

Mubarak has been facing calls for his ouster from protestors since Wednesday.

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei, emboldened after the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest Islamic group, threw its support behind the secular leader, joined protesters on Sunday in Tahrir Square to call on Mubarak to step down.

On Monday morning, ElBaradei joined calls for a million people to flood the streets on Tuesday in another push to bring down Mubarak.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s police force — a major target of resentment and anger during the protests — is preparing to redeploy after a brief recall while the military rolled into Cairo.

But as Juju pointed out to Mubarak on YouTube: “Some of your police officers removed their jackets and they’re joining the people.”