"Two-headed baby" born in China (VIDEO)

Screen grab taken from Telegraph.co.uk</p>

Screen grab taken from Telegraph.co.uk

Conjoined twins who share a single body have been born in China.

The baby girls, whose migrant farmer parents did not learn of the abnormality until two days before the mother was due to give birth, were born by Caesarean last Thursday in Sichuan. 

Doctors said separating the twins, who have separate spines and esophaguses but share major organs, would be almost impossible.

"It is hard to say how they will survive in the future but we will try the best to keep them alive at the moment," Pu Youhua, a doctor with Suining Hospital, reportedly said.

The local Huaxi Metropolis Daily reported that the conjoined twins weighed 9 pounds and measured 20 inches.

Ultrasound scans in September and February failed to reveal the two heads because the technicians were viewing the single embryo in profile, the Telegraph reports.