How many phone calls is too much?

A customer looks at a white and a black iPhone 4.</p>

A customer looks at a white and a black iPhone 4.

A woman in the Netherlands has been charged with stalking after allegedly calling her ex-boyfriend 65,000 times in the past year, the Washington Post reports.

After the 62-year-old recipient of the phone calls filed a complaint, the woman was arrested. Police also seized cell phones and computers from her home in Rotterdam. She said that her behavior was completely normal; they were in a relationship. 

Math, courtesy of Gawker, shows that she had to have called 178 times a day. That's 7.8 calls an hour, 24 hours a day— one phone call every 8.1 minutes without ever stopping. 

Nicolette Stoel, prosecution spokeswoman at the Hague, said that the woman claimed, during a preliminary hearing, that because she was dating the man, the amount of phone calls she placed was not unreasonable. However, the man denied their relationship. 

As Gawker points out, calling someone every eight minutes when in a relationship also may not make perfect sense. 

The court has ordered her not to contact the man ever again.