Disney to built Avatar theme park

Walt Disney Co has agreed on an exclusive deal to built attraction based on Avatar, James Cameron's epic saga at its theme parks, reports the Christian Science Monitor.

The first rides will be built in Animal Kingdom, in Orlando, Florida, and construction will begin in 2013.

The project will be an "immersive experience" similar in scope to Cars Land, a 12 acre site based on Radiator Springs, the fictional town in the Pixar animated movie Cars.

Cars Land will be open next sumer at Walt Disney's California Adventure Park.

The attraction is based of the top grossing film of all time. It aims to take the lush sci-fi/fantasy world of Pandora, the fictional planet in the movie, and bring it to life. The park will have animatronics, and 3-D as well a holographic technology, according to the UK Press.

Fans of the movie have wanted to visit Pandora, said Cameron, reports the Christian Science Monitor.

According to Cameron, the director of the movie, the thing that people loved about the movie were things like being in the foresh at night, the creatures, the learning to fly.

Twentieth Century Fox, the studie that distributed Avatar is a partner in the theme park. Partnering with other studios is not unusual for disney. An Indian Jones attraction was opened at Disneyland in partnership with Lucasfilm in 1995.

He said that this would be an opportunity for Disney to bring the world to life. Cameron has second and third installments of Avatar in the works. They will be released December 2014 and December 2015.

The deal with Cameron and Twentieth Century Fox allows Disney to potentially expand Avatar theme parks at other Disney parks.