Mexico elementary school forced kids to strip, say parents

View of a pupil's desk at a rural school in Uruguay on October 1, 2008.

Parents of students at a school in Mexico claim that the school forced its sixth graders to strip after $13 went missing, the Associated Press reports.

Mexico's Human Rights Commission is now investigating the elementary school. It made a statement Sunday claiming that the school's principal and teachers forced the students to undress as they looked for missing money. The Associated Press states that the school is in the city of La Piedad.

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The investigation follows a report by a human rights commission in Michoacan.

Meanwhile, a report by NPR states that Mexico's ongoing drug war has had a deep impact on the nation's education system because crime has forced teachers to strike.

"Teachers say they're being extorted, kidnapped and intimidated by local gangs and they're refusing to return to their classrooms until the government does something to protect them. Over the last two years, drug cartels fighting for control of Acapulco have terrorized the once-popular tourist resort," it states.

More than 100 schools have been shut in Acapulco for more than a month.