Mexico finds 32 more bodies in Veracruz

Screen capture of a paramilitary group which vowed to 'eliminate' the Zetas, reputedly Mexico's most violent drug gang, in a video posted on the Internet on September 24, 2011 several days after 49 bodies were found on the streets of Veracruz.

Mexico’s military said Friday it had found another 32 bodies in the eastern state of Veracruz.

The BBC reported that the bodies were found in the homes as the military carried out its Safe Veracruz campaign against Mexico drug cartels.

The discovery comes two weeks after 35 bodies were dumped on a highway in Veracruz.

It comes two days after Mexico’s government announced that additional police and soldiers would be deployed to the Gulf coast state to combat drug gangs.

According to Agence France Presse, a group called itself the "Zeta Killers" claimed responsibility for the killings of the 35 people found on the road last month.

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It claims to be a vigilante group that is fighting alongside authorities.

An estimated 40,000 people have been killed since Mexico’s army was sent in to fight drug gangs in 2006.