Mubarak's trial to be postponed again

Hosni Mubarak's trial, which was set to resume on Sunday, will be postponed again, until a decision is made on whether to change the panel presiding over the case, said lawyers on Saturday.

Some of the lawyers, who are representing famillies of those killed during the uprising against Mubarak's rule, had demanded changes to the panel. They claimed the panel had not given them an adequate amount of time to question Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, who is the head of the army council, which is currently ruling Egypt.

Reuters reports that the current panel, which is headed by Judge Ahmed Refaat, will hold a session to either adjourn the trial while remanding the defendants in prison, or will postpone it through administrative methods without holding the session.

The public is already frustrated over the pace of the trial.

Egyptian judges are often used by government ministries or bodies, a practice critics say has often brought the objectivity of some judges into doubt.
Refaat has a reputation of working by the book and following procedures. He has been praised for his independence by the media.