Blind Great Dane and her guide dog find a home

Lily the Great Dane with no eyes and Maddison, her guide dog, are being cared for by the Dogs Trust, a UK dog welfare charity.

Lily the blind Great Dane and her best friend and guide dog Maddison have found a home at last, after their story went public and warmed hearts around the world.

The two dogs were being cared for by UK dog welfare charity Dogs Trust, which had problems finding a good home willing to take the unlikely pair. Their previous owner could no longer cope with the two big dogs, and in July handed Lily and Maddison over to be rehomed.

According to the Dogs Trust, Lily's eyes were removed as a puppy because of a condition called entropion, which means her eye lashes grew into her eyeballs and damaged them. Maddison began leading her dog friend and steering the way.

"The dogs are inseparable as Lily is so dependent on Maddison to guide her through life," the charity says. 

The trouble was finding a home that would take both dogs.

“It’s very sad as members of the public walk straight by their kennel, often put off by the idea of having two large dogs and of course one without eyes can be a bit shocking!" Louise Campbell, manager of Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, had explained. 

After putting out a public call, more than 2,000 people offered to take the dogs, the Daily Mail says.

The Williams family from the countryside in nearby Crewe, Cheshire were chosen to adopt the dog.

Anne Williams and her husband Len said they weren't fazed by the prospect of having two large dogs.

"We've always had two dogs together, I like them to have company and so taking on two of them wasn't a daunting prospect," Anne Williams told the Daily Mail. "We've also got a lovely big garden so it's the perfect setting for two huge dogs."

The couple plan to take Lily and Maddison along on holidays to France and the Lake District in England.

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