Veena Malik's nude photo causes uproar (VIDEO)

Veena Malik is on the cover of FHM India.</p>

Veena Malik is on the cover of FHM India.

Pakistani actress Veena Malik is reportedly suing an Indian magazine after it published a nude photograph of the young woman on its cover. The photograph has led to an outcry by Muslim clerics in Pakistan.

The photograph shows Malik in her birthday suit, with her left leg slightly raised to cover herself and her arms folded over her chest. A tattoo reading, ISI, which stands for Pakistan's spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, is written on her arm.

Malik feels "cheated and duped" by the magazine, FHM India, her lawyer told BBC. Ayaz Bilawala insists that the actress took the photograph with clothes on, and the photo has since been doctored.

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"Ms Malik has been cheated and duped. She had a photo shoot, but there was no nudity. She had some clothes on," Bilawala told the BBC. "In the photos that were shown to her [for approval] she had her clothes on."

The nude photo has provoked Muslim clerics in Pakistan, and they have claimed the image is an insult to Islam, the New York Daily News reported.

Bilawala has reportedly asked the magazine to remove the issue from its newsstands and pay $2 million in damages.

The magazine's editor insists he has video to prove that the shoot was done naked.

Here are more Veena Malik photos in the magazine and as part of a PETA campaign.

Malik was known as a Pakistani TV star before she became a popular contestant on a season of India's reality show, "Bigg Boss."

A conservative Muslim cleric called the actress an insult to Pakistan for having close relations with an Indian actor on the show, the New York Daily News reported.