Darren Dixon, haircut attack man, banned from carrying scissors

Darren Dixon, of Salford, was banned from carrying scissors in public for three years on Tuesday after he admitted to cutting women's hair, said the BBC.

Dixon crept up on at least two women from behind and cut their hair.

He followed his first victim, aged 19, on Sept. 26 of last year as she walked on Wilmslow Road. She walked at a fast pace but then felt her hair being touched and heard a metallic sound hitting the floor. When she turned around she saw Dixon pick up a pair of scissors and clumps of her hair, said the BBC.

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The Huffington Post said the second incident happened a month later, when a woman was shopping at an Asda supermarket and stopped to look at shampoo. She noticed Dixon walk up and down the aisle a couple of times. When she moved to look at soaps, she realized he was standing behind her, and as she carried on shopping, she heard a noise at the back of her head.

When she turned around, she saw Dixon walking away, but he followed her again. When she stopped, she heard a noise behind her. Upon turning, she saw Dixon behind her with some of her hair underneath his feet.

Detective Constable Lawrence Gallagher said, "This was a bizarre case and Dixon has never shown any indication as to why he carried out these assaults and for what purpose. By carrying out these attacks, he has severely knocked the confidence of both victims. Even though he did not hurt them, it will take them a while for them to get over it," according to the UK Press Association.

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