Fake Venezuelan Olympians arrested in cocaine bust

The 2012 Olympic Games.</p>

The 2012 Olympic Games.

10 Venezuelans impersonating Olympic weightlifters were arrested waiting to board a flight at an airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina after swallowing cocaine capsules.

The group were on their way to Lisbon, Portugal.

The BBC reported police said the evidence was revealed when a body scan showed they had swallowed liquid cocaine.

The plot was uncovered by a tip from a Venezuelan woman and was the culmination of a four-month investigation, the BBC wrote.

The Australian wrote the men are now in the custody of Buenos Aires' criminal court and three additional people from the Dominican Republic have also been arrested.

According to the BBC, the men wore track suits and said they were members of the Olympic weightlifting team so as to avoid any suspicion as to why they were traveling together.