Greenpeace urges Indonesian palm oil producers to stick with zero deforestation commitment

Greenpeace urges Indonesian palm oil producers to stick with zero deforestation commitment

JAKARTA, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- International environment campaigner organization Greenpeace called on Indonesian palm oil producers which convene annual conference at present to stick with zero deforestation and push for responsible production, a statement issued by Greenpeace said here Thursday.

The Greenpeace' call was in line with statements of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in his remarks to open the 9th conference of Indonesian palm oil producers association (GAPKI) held in Bandung, the capital city of Indonesia' s West Java province earlier in the day.

In the event, President Yudhoyono asked the producers to use foster Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), environment-friendly production principles and partnering with Non-Government Organizations (NGO).

President Yudhoyono told the producers to seriously pay more attention to the correlation of oil palm plantations growth with environment and social issues.

GAPKI is the largest and influential palm oil producers association in Indonesia that groups 591 producers, managing 3 million hectares of plantations or accounts for 30 percent of the country's total palm oil plantations.

Citing the facts in the field, Greenpeace learned that palm oil producers have been facing environment issue that may halt commitments of the Indonesian president pledged in 2009 G20 summit in Pittsburg, the United States, to reduce emission by 26 percent in 2020.

"Palm oil industry has been an important source of income for the living of local people in Indonesia since decades ago and is significantly important part that spurs the country's economy development. But the business should not have to ruin the country' s diverse biodiversity, the welfare of people who depend on it and driving in climate change," the statement said.

Greenpeace learned that some of palm oil producers are apparently the active members of Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) that promote clean production without have to destroy the forest or straying the rights of local people by conducting good agricultural practice in their plantations.

Greenpeace expected the ongoing conference is able to provide satisfying answer on sustainability, encourage its members to improve production without have to convert the remaining forest and peatland areas into plantations, find the best solution in developing palm oil's downstream business and provide contribution towards effort to reduce emission.