HIV/AIDS cases increase in Afghanistan

HIV/AIDS cases increase in Afghanistan

KABUL, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- The number of HIV/AIDS positive cases has increased in 2013 as compared to last year in Afghanistan, a statement of Public Health Ministry released here on Sunday said.

"At least 162 cases of HIV/AIDS positive have been registered across the country during the current year against 117 cases which were recorded last year," the statement issued here to mark the World Aids Day, added.

There are 1,529 cases of HIV/AIDS positive in the country, according to the statement.

Citing the World Health Organization (WHO), the statement estimates that some 5,000 people were tested HIV/AIDS positive in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Afghan Ministry for Public Health would continue giving awareness to the people on how to check the spread of HIV/ AIDS in the country, the statement added,

The first case of HIV positive in Afghanistan was registered in 1989 and the virus, according to the officials was transferred to the war-ravaged country by Afghan refugees who had returned home from neighboring countries.

According to the officials, drug addicts are transferring the virus by using the single syringe for injections.

More than 1 million Afghans, according to officials, are addicted to drugs in the conflict-ridden central Asian state.