Hamas court gives Gazan death sentence for aiding Israel

Hamas court gives Gazan death sentence for aiding Israel

RAMALLAH, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- A Hamas military court on Thursday sentenced a Palestinian in the Gaza Strip to death for collaborating with Israel, a statement said.

The statement from the military judiciary did not give further information about the charges against the defendant or his identity.

Thursday's ruling put the number of death penalties issued by Hamas' courts against Gazans accused of aiding Israel was up to seven since the beginning of 2013.

Since 2010, the Islamic Hamas movement, which overran Gaza in 2007, executed 15 Palestinians, the majority of them on charges of collaboration with Israel, said the Independent Commission for Human Rights.

In 2012, militants from Hamas extra judicially gunned down seven people accused of collaborating with Israel. The summary executions took place on streets during an eight-day fight between Hamas and Israel.

Hamas carries out executions without getting them endorsed by the President of the PNA as the basic law stipulates.