China takes initiative in int'l exchanges on human rights

BEIJING, May 26 (Xinhua) -- China continued to take the initiative in exchanges and cooperation with other countries in the realm of human rights in 2013, said a government report here Monday.

China played "a constructive role in the UN' s human rights bodies and endeavored to promote the sound development of human rights on the international stage," said a report on China's human rights in 2013, issued by the State Council Information Office.

China has participated in UN multilateral human rights conferences, according to the report.

China passed its second UPR in October 2013 at Geneva. Representatives of the most of the 137 states participating the review fully acknowledged China's achievements and progress in human rights, supporting China in further promoting and protecting human rights based on its actual conditions, it said.

With an open mind and in a serious manner, the Chinese government positively responded to the suggestions and opinions raised by other countries' representatives during the review, accepting 204 opinions (81 percent of all the opinions) concerning over 20 fields, including poverty reduction, education and the judiciary.

The review report of China' s second UPR was adopted by the HRC March 20, 2014, it said.

China also attached great importance to the implementation of international human rights conventions, according to the report.

China has joined 26 international human rights conventions, including the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, it said.

Meanwhile, China took an active part in UN activities concerning human rights and increased mutual understanding through dialogues and communication on human rights. according to the report.

"Working closely with other countries, China will continue to spare no efforts to promote the healthy development of human rights worldwide," it said.