Canadian PM to attend Ukrainian President's swearing-in ceremony

OTTAWA, June 3 (Xinhua) -- Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will fly to Ukraine to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Petro Poroshenko as the country's new president Saturday, announced the office of the Canadian prime minister Tuesday.

The announcement was made just hours after Harper left for a visit to three other nations in Europe, where he would first visit Poland, Belgium and France starting Tuesday.

It will be Harper's second visit to Ukraine after the outbreak of the crisis in the country. In the global response to Russian aggression in Ukraine, Canada has put in place sanctions against more than 100 individuals and entities responsible for the crisis, according to the office.

"The people of Ukraine deserve a government that defends the country's political and territorial integrity against those who would seek to control it once more. I look forward to traveling to Ukraine to witness the swearing-in of President-elect Petro Poroshenko and to offer the people of Ukraine Canada's full support as they take important steps to restore stability and prosperity," Harper was quoted as saying.