Copenhagen Airport to expand to deal with increasing passengers

COPENHAGEN, July 7 (Xinhua) -- Copenhagen Airport will invest 250 million Danish kroner ( 45.6 million U.S. dollars) to extend the existing Finger C to create more room for passengers and carriers, the airport announced on Monday.

"We expect more growth in the coming years, so we have to build it now," said Christian Poulsen, the technical director at Copenhagen Airport.

According to the plan, Finger C in the airport's Terminal 3 will be expanded by an extra 2,900 square meters in a bid to improve intercontinental travel services.

The extension is expected to take one and a half years, and will employ over 100 craftsmen, engineers and builders, according to Poulsen.

The airport announced its "Expanding CPH" plan earlier this year, vowing to create enough space over the next two to three years to handle 40 million travelers per year.

Copenhagen Airport is currently the busiest airport in Scandinavia, serving 24.1 million passengers in 2013.