UN pulls staff out of Libya for security concerns

UN pulls staff out of Libya for security concerns

TRIPOLI, July 14 (Xinhua) -- The United Nations is pulling its remaining staff out of Libya citing security reasons, according to a U.N. statement published on Monday.

"After the latest fighting on Sunday and because of the closure of Tripoli International Airport, the mission concluded that it would not be possible to continue its work in delivering advice and technical support while ensuring the security and safety of its staff as well as their freedom of movement," the statement said.

The statement added that the pullout was a temporary measure and its staff will return as soon as security conditions in Tripoli permit.

Intense fighting has been going on in the capital city of Tripoli since early Sunday when Islamist armed groups launched attacks on Tripoli International Airport and some key road intersections. The international airport has been shut down for at least three days.

The clashes has so far killed nine and injured more than 30, according to medical sources.

The U.N. mission last week has already withdrawn nearly 60 percent of its staff from Libya out of security concerns.