China welcomes Security Council's Syrian resolution

BEIJING, July 15 (Xinhua) -- China on Tuesday welcomed a resolution passed by the UN Security Council on the Syrian issue and urged all parties to implement the resolution with concrete actions.

"We welcome the Security Council for voting for the resolution. China has always been responsible and constructive in the consultation and actively promoted all sides to reach a consensus. China has attached high importance to the easing of the humanitarian situation in Syria with practical actions and has made its own contribution," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei while commenting on Monday's resolution 2165.

The resolution, sponsored by Australia, Jordan and Luxembourg, was unanimously voted through by the 15-member council, which was long divided on how to end the conflict.

"This shows the determination and actions of the international community to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Syria," Hong said.

The resolution demands parties in Syria to facilitate UN and other humanitarian aid. The international community should ensure the operation is for humanitarian relief and implement it comprehensively and seriously, according to the spokesman.

It also demands humanitarian organizations including the UN to respect Syria's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity, and to get the country's understanding and support, while providing humanitarian aid, Hong said.

"We hope all parties in Syria will closely cooperate with humanitarian organizations and implement the resolution as well as resolution 2139 with concrete actions," Hong said.

Resolution 2139, adopted by the council in February, sought to address issues related to access to people in need inside Syria.

It demands all parties, in particular the Syrian authorities, to promptly allow unhindered humanitarian access for UN agencies and its partners, including across conflict lines, and to ensure that aid reaches people through the most direct routes.

Hong said China has always stood for a political solution to the Syrian deadlock. To solve the issue is to find a "middle way" that considers Syria's national conditions and the interests of all parties.

"We hope the Syrian government and opposition to cease fire as soon as possible and restart negotiations. The international community should also create favorable conditions for dialogue and negotiations," Hong added.