Ukrainian trafficker shot dead by Slovak police

BRATISLAVA, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) -- A Ukrainian trafficker was shot dead by the Slovak police on Slovak-Ukrainian border on Saturday, Interior Minister Robert Kalinak said.

The male trafficker's presence at the border on Friday evening was discovered by police while he was trying to smuggle five citizens of Vietnam across the border to Slovakia, Kalinak announced at an extraordinary press conference in Bratislava Saturday.

"Despite repeated calls and warning shots he didn't respond and kept threatening the police and the people he was trying to smuggle with a gun," Kalinak said.

The man was found dead following police shooting. None of the patrol officers and Vietnamese citizens were injured.

The Ukrainian trafficker was considered to be highly dangerous. At the time of the incident, he was armed with a double barrel shotgun. "This one is particularly dangerous because it can strike a very broad targets," added Kalinak.

The minister added that the current crisis in Ukraine hasn't caused an influx of immigrants from Ukraine so far, but can contribute to a more aggressive behavior of traffickers who are better armed than before.