Xinhua world news summary at 0030 GMT, Aug. 6

WASHINGTON -- Pentagon on Tuesday confirmed that a U.S. Army general was killed on the day by an individual believed to be a member of the Afghan security forces who fired into a group of coalition troops.

According to Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby, the troops were on a routine site visit to the Marshal Fahim National Defense University, the Afghan army's commissioned and noncommissioned officer academy. (U.S.-Afghanistan-General)

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BEIRUT -- The Lebanese army and the Syrian gunmen reached a 24-hour ceasefire in Lebanon's eastern border town of Arsal starting from 7:00 p.m. local time (1600 GMT) on Tuesday, local media reported.

"The 24-hour ceasefire is aimed at holding negotiations to release soldiers who were held captive and to aid the wounded, on condition no attacks are launched against troops," the Lebanon's National News Agency reported. (Lebanon-Gunmen-Ceasefire)

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WASHINGTON -- The second American aid worker diagnosed with Ebola in West Africa was brought back to the United States Tuesday for treatment.

Nancy Writebol arrived in a private plane equipped with a unique containment unit at Dobbins Air Force Base near Atlanta Tuesday morning. The 59-year-old missionary from North Carolina was then transported by ambulance to Atlanta's Emory University Hospital, where she joined her colleague Dr. Kent Brantly in a special isolation unit to receive treatment. (U.S.-Ebola-Treatment)

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BRUSSELS -- Leaders of the European Union (EU) countries will meet on Aug. 30 to further their discussions on appointments for top EU positions, according to EU official calendar unveiled Tuesday.

EU leaders met on July 16 to discuss a number of key appointments to be made for top EU positions. At the end of the meeting, European Council President Herman van Rompuy concluded on the need for further consultations to decide on names for EU top positions. (EU-Top Leaders)