2nd Ld-Writethru: 3 Israelis killed in central Switzerland train crash

GENEVA, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- Three Israelis died and five others got injured on Monday morning in a collision between a passenger train and a minibus in the canton of Nidwalden in central Switzerland, said the Nidwalden cantonal police.

It was reported that the accident occurred at a level crossing without a barrier in Wolfenschiessen, a municipality in the canton.

The Nidwalden cantonal police confirmed to Xinhua that the eight victims, including three killed and five others wounded, were all Israeli tourists on the minibus.

The police said that there were totally eight people on the minibus, but declined to reveal the situation of the driver, saying that they were not allowed to disclose the detailed information.

The minibus was transporting the tourists to Engleberg, a resort town in the Obwalden canton which is located to the south of Wolfenschiessen, and travelled through the crossing just as the train came, according to local media.

The cantonal police told Xinhua that the minibus’s failure to obey the traffic rule caused the accident, saying that the train was allowed to travel at the moment when the accident happened, and the minibus should have waited until the train left.

Peter Bircher, spokesman of Zentralbahn, the rail operator that runs the train involved in the accident, confirmed to Xinhua that no one on the train got injured.

Helicopters, ambulances and fire engines were at the scene for rescue, and those injured were transported to nearby hospitals.

The cantonal police told Xinhua that the road and the railway which have been closed earlier as a result of the tragedy were reopened in the afternoon.