South Korean prodigy Lee lives up to top billing to win archery gold

NANJING, China, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- South Korean Archery prodigy Lee Woo Seok, who smashed the world record in the men's individual ranking round on last Friday, continued his awe-inspiring show to win gold in defeating Marcus D'Almeida of Brazil 7-3 at the Youth Olympic Games on Tuesday.

Lee's relentless precision gave his Brazilian opponent little margin for error in the final. The South Korean wonder-kid shot straight 10's in four of the five sets in the match.

He claimed the first-two sets with 30 points each. D'Almeida impressed as well but two of his arrows in the first two sets missed the bullseye.

The Brazilian hit three 10's in the third set, but even then couldn't outdo Lee, who mirrored his score.

D'Almeida, also known as the Neymar of Brazilian archery, outshot Lee in the fourth set, 29-28. But he failed to maintain his consistency and missed the 10-pointer only once in the next.

That one miss proved costly and Lee, like he's done before, hit the bullseye to win the match 7-3 and claim the gold.

"My coach said to keep my mind relaxed during the match and to concentrate on my arrows, so I could keep it straighter," Lee said.

Lee shot four-straight 10-pointers in the final and he attributed his accuracy to his hard work.

"It's due to my training," Lee said, "Before the YOG I had domestic competitions, so I prepared for that. South Korean domestic competition is world-class."

D'Almeida said that he was happy with his performance in the final but added that his opponent was nearly unbeatable.

"I did not lose the final but it was he that won it. The Korean was amazing in the final," D'Almeida said.

"I feel in 2016 it is possible to get a medal as well. I have three opportunities in the individual, mixed and team competition, so I expect a medal there as well."

Atul Verma of India beat Mete Gazoz of Turkey 6-4 to win the bronze medal.

"I'm happy with this result. No one has won a medal for India in archery, so I'm happy with this. This is just the start. If possible I'll aim to win a medal in the Olympics in 2016," Verma said.