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  • 09/16/2013

    The US and its allies urge the UN to stay tough on Syria despite a diplomatic deal, the frontrunner pulls out of the race to head the Fed, Italy tries to right the Costa Concordia, and all the smart kids drink.

  • 09/13/2013

    The US and Russia continue their talks as rumors abound that Syria is already stashing its chemical weapons, the Delhi four get death, a US consulate in Afghanistan is attacked, and the world's ugliest animal needs your love.

  • 09/12/2013

    Russia's president takes his case against a military strike on Syria directly to the American people, warning bells sound over North Korea's nuclear reactor, Europe's austerity could cost it a generation, and getting round to getting rid of Hitler.

  • 09/11/2013

    President Barack Obama puts the plans to strike Syria on hold while the world waits to see if a proposal to destroy its chemical weapons will work; the US remembers its two 9/11 anniversaries; the Brazilian rainforest is shrinking; and the anti-polar cellphone that might just save your life.

  • 09/10/2013

    However unlikely it seems, a growing number of nations back a proposal to have Syria hand over its entire chemical weapons arsenal; the verdicts are in on Delhi's shocking gang rape; China masters the art of spin; and bigger isn't better when it comes to fatherhood.

  • 09/09/2013

    The White House gives the Syrian government a week to hand over its chemical weapons or else, the ICC prepares to put Kenya's deputy president on trial, Russia's most popular opposition leader remains defiant even after losing the race for Moscow mayor, and Kim Jong Un is reproducing.

  • 09/06/2013

    The US looks increasingly lonely as it struggles to drum up support for a strike on Syria at the G20 summit, American and British spy agencies say encryption-schmencryption when it comes to online privacy, Egypt threatens the Muslim Brotherhood with dissolution, and politics can be a dog-eat-cat world.

  • 09/05/2013

    Syria may not be on the official G20 agenda but it's the only thing on anyone's mind as the St. Petersburg summit begins; Egypt's interior minister survives a suspected assassination attempt; and King Richard III's squirmy little problem, revealed.

  • 09/04/2013

    Russia warns the US not to go it alone in Syria, the Ohio kidnapper is found hanged, we investigate how the world's oldest profession is faring in modern London, and are the world's reptiles out to get you? Probably.

  • 09/03/2013

    The two-millionth Syrian flees Syria, Israel tests a missile in the Med, Microsoft snaps up Nokia's phones, and you know things are bad when Dennis Rodman is your man in North Korea.

  • 08/23/2013

    Syria loses its 1 millionth child refugee to civil war, explosions hit northern Lebanon, India sees another brutal gang-rape, and grizzly bear don't care.

  • 08/22/2013

    China begins its political trial of the century, the UN seeks answers in Syria, Zimbabwe swears in its new, old president, and Ecuador's leader says what's written in black and white ain't green.

  • 08/21/2013

    Syrian activists say hundreds of people are dead in a chemical weapons attack, Japan's nuclear watchdog raises the alarm about leaks from Fukushima, Hosni Mubarak could be free within hours, and a pant-less intruder brings the party to Angela Merkel's plane.

  • 08/20/2013

    Egyptian security forces detain one of the few senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood they hadn't already jailed, Pakistan's former military ruler is charged with murder, the Guardian's surveillance scoops bring it some unwelcome visits from the spooks, and the very expensive vices of China's rich and infamous.

  • 08/19/2013

    Amid the chaos, Egypt looks set to free jailed former president Hosni Mubarak; the UK detains the journalist's partner who knew too much; Oscar Pistorius gets a trial date; and Kim Jong Un wants you back. Please?

  • 08/16/2013

    Egyptians brace for more bloodshed as the Muslim Brotherhood calls a day of protests, South Africa remembers the Marikana tragedy, New Zealand survives a 6.5 earthquake, and the little lion that could (bark).

  • 08/15/2013

    Egypt wakes up under curfew after a crackdown that killed more than 400, Iraq suffers another wave of bombings, Bradley Manning says sorry, and the world finds its newest oldest person.

  • 08/14/2013

    Egypt sends in the security forces against pro-Morsi protesters in Cairo, Israel sets the first of its Palestinian prisoners free, and there's some comfort for the Spanish pensioner who lost the world one of its masterpieces.

  • 08/13/2013

    A court in western China sentences two men to death over a disputed terrorist attack, a Nigeria mosque attack kills at least 44, US mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger is guilty, and things are looking wobbly for Beijing's rooftop villa.

  • 08/12/2013

    Israel agrees to release Palestinian prisoners — but also approves new settlements, Egypt warns pro-Morsi protesters to clear out, a Nazi war crimes suspect dies before facing trial, and Norway's prime minister takes voters for a ride.