Aye Thiri Sein

Aye Thiri Sein (also known as Nyo Mie Thinn) was an avid reader and writer as a child. Drawn to creative writing, Aye challenged herself to construct her own stories. However, witnessing the political unest shifts in Burma during her youth ultimately influenced Aye to pursue a career in journalism. Her intention was to convey honest and important information to local citizens who might not have access to it otherwise. Aye received a history degree in 2003. Since then, she has sought to expand her skills as a journalist by attending workshops and writing seminars in Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Poland and the Philippines, including the Creative Non-Fiction Writing Training at the American Center, Japan-South East Asia Network of Exchange for Journalist and Youths Program, and a News Reporting and Writing Course by Thomson Reuters Foundation in Yangon. Professionally speaking, Aye worked as a freelance journalist with Trust News Weekly before receiving a position at True News Weekly, in 2008, as an editor. She reports on and edits a variety of news disciplines from politics to business to social news.