Caitlin McNally

Caitlin McNally is a documentary journalist and filmmaker. She has numerous years’ experience working on films for PBS's flagship current affairs documentary series, FRONTLINE, as well as other major US and international documentary outlets.

Caitlin produced Football High (2011), an hour-long documentary for PBS FRONTLINE about the new face of high school football, including web exclusive pieces she directed and wrote. Caitlin co-produced Digital Nation (2010), a major 90-minute PBS-FRONTLINE documentary and web initiative about life in the digital age, which took her from Silicon Valley to the video gaming cafes of South Korea to the Nevada Air Force base that headquarters the US military's Iraq and Afghanistan drones program. Her other credits for PBS FRONTLINE include South Korea: The Most Wired Place On Earth (2009), Growing Up Online (2008), A Hidden Life (2006) and Congo: On the Trail of an AK-47 (2007), a film about China's involvement in the African gun trade for PBS FRONTLINE/World that she co-wrote, co-produced and edited. Most recently, she directed and produced one of the 60-minute episodes of Finding Your Roots (2012), the acclaimed national PBS series hosted by historian Henry Louis Gates Jr., that explores the family histories and genealogies of famous Americans. Her episode, the highest-rated of the series, featured the celebrated actors Robert Downey Jr. and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Caitlin also recently acted as US Producer on an upcoming BBC documentary about American culture and the 2012 US presidential election.

Caitlin associate produced Rory Kennedy's Emmy award-winning HBO documentary, Ghosts of Abu Ghraib (2007). Caitlin has produced video for the WNYC/PRI public radio program, The Takeaway, and has been interviewed about her work on WCCO, WNYC and the CBC.

Caitlin studied film at the University of California-Los Angeles and New York University, and is a graduate of Dartmouth College. A native of Minnesota, she lives in San Francisco, CA