Patrick Winn

Senior Correspondent

Based in Bangkok, Patrick Winn is Global Post's senior Southeast Asia correspondent.

Winn is documenting a region in flux where former despots experiment with democracy (Myanmar), communists excel at capitalism (Vietnam) and peasants surviving on $2 per day (half of Indonesia) are addicted to their mobile phones.

Winn's primary interests include armed conflict, poverty, black markets and pop culture trends.

In 2014, his work in Myanmar was recognized with the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, informally titled the "poor man's Pulitzer." He's also won awards from the National Press Club, Online News Association and the Human Rights Press Awards among others.

Winn's work, both print and video, has been published by The Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, VICE and NBC News.

Winn hails from a small factory town in North Carolina known for making beer and carpets. Since 2008, he has lived in Bangkok. He read and writes Thai and his cat's name is Mayor McCheese.