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Patrick Winn

Based in Bangkok, Patrick Winn is Global Post's senior Southeast Asia correspondent.

Winn is documenting a region in flux, where despots experiment with democracy (Burma/Myanmar), communists excel at capitalism (Vietnam) and cell phones are rife among peasants surviving on $2 a day (half of Indonesia). Southeast Asia's importance is unquestionable. Its jungles and sea lanes supply China with energy and raw materials. Its factories supply the West with food and cheap goods. Its modern appetites and old codes clash daily as Thailand's Buddhists pray for winning lottery numbers and Malaysia's Muslim mall rats color code their sneakers with their hijabs. And as the U.S. and China intensify a diplomatic chess game from Laos to the Philippines and everywhere in between, Southeast Asia's strategic significance is set to surge.

As the "Pacific Century" unfolds, Winn is here to help break down Southeast Asia's conflicts, trends and absurdities.

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