Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson had her first stint in Egypt on a Fulbright-funded journalism program in 2007 and officially made the move back to Cairo three years later. During the 2011 Egyptian revolution she worked as a videographer and field producer for PBS FRONTLINE documentary series "Revolution in Cairo." Rachel's footage from her time in Egypt has also appeared in multiple long-form documentaries including BBC’s “This World, Egypt – Children of the Revolution,” and independent films, “Zero-Silence," Uprising" and "Before the Spring After the Fall."

Rachel is currently based in New York finishing production on her documentary film, "First to Fall," shot during the 2011 Libyan revolution. In between time in the edit room she continues to freelance, shooting domestically, as well as in Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, South Sudan, and Nepal for CNN “Heroes,” FRONTLINE, Human Rights Watch and the independent feature documentary “E-Team.”