Simeon Tegel

Senior Correspondent for South America

Simeon Tegel is GlobalPost's senior correspondent for South America. A British journalist based in Lima, Peru, he frequently roams across the region, reporting from some of its least likely corners. He’ll write about most topics under the sun, and past stories have ranged from a glimpse inside Brazil’s cage-fighting talent factories to the censorship of government critics in Ecuador. Specializing in environmental issues and climate change in particular, he has taken a close-up look at the high Andes’ vanishing glaciers, and cast a critical eye over the huge but under-reported carbon emissions from Brazil’s Amazon dams. Simeon’s work has appeared in numerous other outlets, including The Independent, USA Today and The Guardian. His writing in Spanish has also been published in Spain’s El Pais. He previously was a staff writer at the Press Association, in London, before moving to Mexico City, where he worked as a freelance journalist for four years, and began to focus on sustainability issues. More of his work can be found at Simeon has an interdisciplinary MA in Latin American Studies from University of California, Berkeley and translated the classic Peruvian work of history "Los Incas" to English. A rock-climber, backcountry backpacker and surfer, he would not be anywhere other than Peru.