Mexico boogie 2014 08 29
Mexico is receiving record foreign visitors. It must be safe again, right?
Brazil empty stadium
Families are doing fine, but industries aren't. What will that mean for the country's political future?
Zaraconcentrationcampshirt copy
Maybe not.
Urban shield ferguson pd
The story of police militarization in the US and abroad is complicated. Here's one part of it.
Myanmar betel nut addiction
The world’s fourth most common psychoactive habit delivers a potent buzz and lots of red saliva.
James foley 1
Intelligence services have identified the fighter suspected of killing US journalist James Foley but have yet to divulge the suspect's name.
Gaza 13 story building crash
First, Israel warned residents to evacuate. Officials said 17 were wounded in the strike.
Iraq suicide bomb aug 23
The bombings follow a Shia attack on a village mosque in Diyala Province on Friday in which 68 people died.
Russian aid convoy returns
The feared Russian humanitarian convoy returned to Russia without much incident.
Russia supermarket 08 20 2014
Officials in Moscow are trying hard to reassure their compatriots that life will go on after many Western food imports have been banned.
Venezuela gas 2014 08 19
... the government plans to actually charge money for gasoline. One time when they raised gas prices there was a massacre in the capital.
China yunnan earthquake vigil
It turns out eating muddy noodles isn’t very macho — or smart.
The Obama administration wants to give Israel more than $3 billion. Will it get it?
Hong kong protest 2014 08 17
This time the demonstrators are waving Chinese Communist flags.
India narendra modi wall street
And what it says about his supposed economic outlook.
Lake turkana final
Kenya's Lake Turkana is key to sustaining life in the dry area. But new development upstream in Ethiopia could ruin it.
China pet dogs western import
Dog lovers fall prey to a 'ludicrous imitation ... of a Western lifestyle.'
India holi celebration
With a huge English-speaking population, India seems an obvious place for the world’s biggest companies to set up. It’s not that easy.
Uruguay marijuana club looking 2014 07 22
There's a lot of outrageous buzz about the country's marijuana revolution. Let's take a sober look at some rather implausible claims.
Russia still life 2014 08 08
Putin’s new restrictions on imported agricultural products may finally do what US sanctions haven't: make Russians mad.
Myanmar sittwe exodus
After multiple episodes of rumor-triggered violence, some question whether freedom of expression has arrived too quickly.
Putin 08 08 2014
Column: But his ban on Western food may be a bigger risk than he thinks.
China starbucks
But can it succeed in a country where people drink three cups of coffee a year?
Paraguay ciudad del este 2014 08 05 a
Bootleggers, problem priests and purported extremist funders? Something's rotten in this Paraguayan city — so we paid it a visit.
India infrastructure investment
Amid hype about India’s new business-friendly government, expat executives in Delhi are more likely to come from the East than the West.
American flag close up
A new report by Standard & Poor's highlights the growing risks.
Gaza aug 3
Meanwhile, truce negotiations in Cairo, without Israeli participation, aren't likely to produce a breakthrough,
Israel withdraws troops aug 2
Shelling exchanges continued, but in some areas witnesses reported Israeli tanks pulling back toward the border.
Israel fires toward gaza aug 2
Israel has accused Hamas of misleading international mediators.
Stand with idf selfie
Sacrificing midriff for country.
Cuba economy 8 31 2011
The Communist island loosens up a little. Here’s why.
Cuba 2012 7 31
The abrupt closing of a popular Havana business tests Raul Castro reforms.
Germany inflation euro crisis
Allowing prices to rise could help ease the euro crisis, but Germans just aren’t buying it.
Euro sign 08 24 2012
Why young Germans are down on the euro.
Mercedes sign 08 28 2012
The legendary German Mittlestand is opening to investment, but some worry its successful culture may be threatened.
Myanmar lights
As sanctions subside, a broken nation revels in the limelight and seeks to cash in.
Egypt nile grip 2012 4 6
Political uncertainty in post-revolution Egypt is allowing other Nile states to wrest control of the world’s longest river.
Shareholder spring occupy london 2012 05 10
Shareholders of blue-chip companies are rebelling against low dividends and excessive executive pay. And they're getting results.
Karen army myanmar
In resource-rich Myanmar, militias guard the goods.
Myanmar 2012 6 22
An electricity famine may strangle Myanmar's economic revolution.
Sea turtles swim to china
“Sea turtles,” or haigui, is the Mandarin term for overseas-educated Chinese who come home from abroad.
China college graduates
China can't promise employment to its young and educated either.