The fuel trade fuels a lot more than just trade.
Ukraine 07 30 2014
New US and EU sanctions may hurt Russia, but experts believe they probably won’t work.
Gaza graphic 95
More and more of the region's governments are yanking their ambassadors out of Israel in protest.
Camel milk 1
It's nutrient-rich, been said to help kids with autism and serves as an aphrodisiac in some cultures. What's not to love?
Espirito santo 07 28 2014
Debt, scandal, and losses look set to topple the powerful Espirito Santo empire — and threaten Europe's recovery from the euro zone crisis.
Which is more popular — cats or dogs — in your country?
Peru military 2014 07 25
Bloody coups may now be practically unthinkable, but experts say the risks to democracy are real.
Queen elizabeth 07 23 2014
As wages lag for ordinary workers, the British queen’s salary is going up. Not everyone’s amused.
Netherlands hearses 07 25 2014
Interconnected economies give European countries strong weapons against Moscow — if they dare to use them.
Afghanistan farmland crops
It hasn't worked.
Thailand food cart
Does bad Thai food depress you? There’s an upscale Mango Tree coming to a city near you.
A German entrepreneur aims to revitalize a moribund town in the former East by renovating an Art Nouveau icon.
Traffic economic indicator 372013
The US sits 13th among 16 major economies. Who's on top?
Berwick 07 11 2014
In a region with a turbulent past, an upcoming Scottish vote on independence raises concerns that new border constraints will make life a lot more complicated.
Heroin myanmar 2
Why pastel-colored smack is being produced in the wilds of Myanmar.
India new delhi monkeys
So residents have concocted creative (and sometimes nasty) ways to combat them.
India rape economy tourism
The aftermath of the Delhi gang rape has been particularly hard for tourism and working women.
Germany apprentices 07 16 2014
So why is it struggling to attract young workers?
India punjab pesticide spraying
As the economy grows, so does the suffering.
China elderly exercising
Life is rough for retirees in the world’s second largest economy.
Uruguay antismoking 2014 07 15
Smoking is on course to kill 1 billion worldwide this century. Could this South American country help turn that around?
India mumbai dabbawalas
In a country not exactly known for promptness, 6 million meals each day get delivered through Mumbai traffic with flawless precision.
Messi 2014 07 11
It’s not the first time the country has mixed politics and the World Cup.
Who says these emotionally manipulative ads only sell life insurance?
Australia sri lanka refugees
A leading refugee expert debunks Tony Abbott’s refugee myths.
South korea seoul insect hotels
It's part of his plan to improve life in the Korean capital.
Winn suborbital
Disclaimer: This offer is currently limited to intrepid billionaires.
Berlin factory 07 03 2014
You read it right. Berlin may finally be living up to its hopes of becoming Europe’s startup hub.
Argentina holdout 2014 07 02
Foreign ‘vultures’ and Argentines alike are demanding their money back. But will their quest for compensation push the country to default again?
South stream 07 02 2014
The Kremlin is seeking to isolate Ukraine by strengthen Europe's dependence on Russian gas.
Cuba economy 8 31 2011
The Communist island loosens up a little. Here’s why.
Cuba 2012 7 31
The abrupt closing of a popular Havana business tests Raul Castro reforms.
Germany inflation euro crisis
Allowing prices to rise could help ease the euro crisis, but Germans just aren’t buying it.
Euro sign 08 24 2012
Why young Germans are down on the euro.
Mercedes sign 08 28 2012
The legendary German Mittlestand is opening to investment, but some worry its successful culture may be threatened.
Myanmar lights
As sanctions subside, a broken nation revels in the limelight and seeks to cash in.
Egypt nile grip 2012 4 6
Political uncertainty in post-revolution Egypt is allowing other Nile states to wrest control of the world’s longest river.
Shareholder spring occupy london 2012 05 10
Shareholders of blue-chip companies are rebelling against low dividends and excessive executive pay. And they're getting results.
Karen army myanmar
In resource-rich Myanmar, militias guard the goods.
Myanmar 2012 6 22
An electricity famine may strangle Myanmar's economic revolution.
Sea turtles swim to china
“Sea turtles,” or haigui, is the Mandarin term for overseas-educated Chinese who come home from abroad.
China college graduates
China can't promise employment to its young and educated either.