renzi 10 17 2014
Political uncertainty in Athens is triggering turmoil in Europe's nervy markets.
Thailand traffic cop
Amid rampant corruption, police can score $300 just for turning down payoffs.
stop recycling cradle to cradle
Eco-warrior turned chemist Michael Braungart is trying to kickstart a new industrial revolution.
Brazil Tuffy Habib still 2014 10 14
Thousands of Brazilians are sheltering in a squalid abandoned plastics factory in Alemao favela because they say their rent became too expensive.
Nicholas ii
The Russian leader's visit this week is highlighting Serbia's east-west dilemma.
Isil kobane attack oct 13
Exclusive: British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond explains the grand strategy for Syria and Iraq.
Ukraine cold 2014 10 07
Moscow appears to be slashing gas exports to countries that supply fuel to the war-torn country.
Like poaching, it could make some people very rich. Unlike poaching, it's legal.
Alibaba wall street jack ma
Alibaba may be Wall Street’s wunderkind, but for dictators searching for thumb cuffs and shock devices, it's a great place to shop.
Inspiring photos 1
Facing repression and adversity, the students have demonstrated incredible restraint, hope and creativity.
North korea hwang pyong so
With the dictator’s disappearance and other odd developments, an unconfirmed report puts Kim Yo Jong in charge.
Cameron speech oct. 1 2014
As the economy is booming for the fortunate, the poor are getting poorer.
Indonesia aceh caning gay punishment
The Indonesian province is also now authorized to punish homosexuality with 100 months in jail or 1,000 grams of gold.
Hong kong 10 3 14 1 0
A standoff between students protesting for democracy and their opponents turned ugly.
Hong kong anti occupy riots
Violence erupted on Friday against Umbrella Revolution encampments. Here's who attacked and why.
Eu 10 02 2014
New leaders at the EU and NATO are facing unprecedented challenges at home and abroad.
China tiananmen police charge
Lesson #4: The riot police pullback is actually a dangerous sign.
Hong kong protesters children
After days of silence, Chinese media lash out at protesters. Mainlanders, in Hong Kong for the holidays, are shocked.
Hong kong protest 15
On the eve of China's National Day, the protests gained momentum.
Hong kong stay calm protesters
Already, China is exploiting the US stance for propaganda.
Mongolia herder 2011 05 25
The mine could account for a third of GDP, but after a Western mining company’s mistake, many say the cost is too high.
Hong kong happy protesters
On Tuesday night, neither lightning nor an ominous ultimatum could kill the students’ mood.
It cost India less to go to Mars than it cost to make the movie 'Gravity.'
If it's not a hoax.
Ebola fear economy
The deadly disease isn't hurting West African economies so much — but fear is.
India slut walk
Can crowdourcing solve the country's most entrenched social ills?
Philippines journalists with guns
Last year it ranked worse than Syria for unpunished violence against the media.
Hroisman 09 24 2014
The consensus is clear: overhaul government or face economic collapse. The hard part will be finding the political will.
Hong kong anti occupy video screenshot
Communist officials view the democracy movement as an Arab Spring-like threat.
Mexico closed mine 2014 09 19
A government offensive against the Knights Templar cartel has had the side effect of leaving thousands of miners out of work.
Cuba economy 8 31 2011
The Communist island loosens up a little. Here’s why.
Cuba 2012 7 31
The abrupt closing of a popular Havana business tests Raul Castro reforms.
Germany inflation euro crisis
Allowing prices to rise could help ease the euro crisis, but Germans just aren’t buying it.
Euro sign 08 24 2012
Why young Germans are down on the euro.
Mercedes sign 08 28 2012
The legendary German Mittlestand is opening to investment, but some worry its successful culture may be threatened.
Myanmar lights
As sanctions subside, a broken nation revels in the limelight and seeks to cash in.
Egypt nile grip 2012 4 6
Political uncertainty in post-revolution Egypt is allowing other Nile states to wrest control of the world’s longest river.
Shareholder spring occupy london 2012 05 10
Shareholders of blue-chip companies are rebelling against low dividends and excessive executive pay. And they're getting results.
Karen army myanmar
In resource-rich Myanmar, militias guard the goods.
Myanmar 2012 6 22
An electricity famine may strangle Myanmar's economic revolution.
Sea turtles swim to china
“Sea turtles,” or haigui, is the Mandarin term for overseas-educated Chinese who come home from abroad.
China college graduates
China can't promise employment to its young and educated either.