Clone of Putin and birds
But don’t worry, he says, things will get better.
Fidel and raul castro
Cuban leader says his people want better relations with the US but won’t compromise their independence.
Italy protests 12 16 2014
EU leaders are struggling to find an escape route from ongoing economic stagnation.
Russia ruble crashes
For now, at least.
Australia hostage crisis tribute
News analysis: Here are Asia-Pacific’s real jihadi groups.
Venezuela maduro 2014 12 15
The US president is expected to impose sanctions on Venezuelan government officials. But not before taking these not-so-small issues into account.
India yamuna river pollution
Yes, it is possible to grow your own produce and eat organic despite toxic air and water.
Germany windmill 12 11 2014
As international negotiators in Lima struggle to set emissions targets, battles in the EU show trouble ahead for the next phase of tackling climate change.
BBC camera fails
But it is hilarious.
Thailand facebook jihad
An increasingly extreme Islamic insurgency surfaces from the shadows to taunt its prey.
Thailand sin city cover
A holy war in the city where Muslims indulge in sleaze forbidden back home.
Venezuela sad walk to school
But some of the region's economies are still cranking, and overall the numbers will get better in 2015, a UN commission says.
Remembering Mandela south africans
They also haven't gotten their mail for 4 months. But those are symptoms of bigger problems.
Dsc 0203
A new report by the United Nations says that up to 60 percent of young people in developing regions are not working or in school.
Hong kong protests
Protest leaders seek to keep pressure on the government, without alienating a weary public.
Putin russia state of union 2014
How dare you blame Russia for its own aggressive policies?
Male birth control pill
Tests show it works as well as women’s birth control pills, with far fewer nasty side effects.
Moscow 12 02 2014
Is Russia’s tanking economy making its leader vulnerable?
Spain 11 21 2014
Some officials are seeking to attract foreigners and their money. But in trying to stay alive, do settlements risk selling their souls?
Cambodia xi jinping hun sen
Cambodia sends Uighur refugees home for $60 million a head, hours before Chinese leader Xi Jinping visits.
Cambodia prey lang protest
Firms linked to the country's leaders are reaping a fortune by leveling a key forest.
Swiss gold 11 26 2014
A referendum requiring the central bank to hoard gold may spell more trouble for the euro zone.
Camboda borei keila evictions
After a violent eviction, hundreds of families are dumped in a field 28 miles away.
Indonesia corruption app
One reason graft is so rampant is that people don’t know when a gift is a bribe.
Espionage 11 18 2014
From typewriters to quantum cryptography, governments are exploring old and new ways of keeping information secret.
This seductive and demanding art is not just for strippers anymore.
China traditional medicine bee sting
A top Beijing surgeon challenges the multibillion-dollar traditional Chinese medicine industry to prove itself.
Brazil protest 2014 11 19
The country's first trial for insider trading and a major investigation at Petrobras oil company could change Latin America's powerhouse forever.
Juncker 11 19 2014
Just days into his tenure as president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker is facing calls to resign over tax deals in Luxembourg.
Indonesia female police officers
Young women are forced to undress in front of others. Fingers are 'inserted.'
Cuba economy 8 31 2011
The Communist island loosens up a little. Here’s why.
Cuba 2012 7 31
The abrupt closing of a popular Havana business tests Raul Castro reforms.
Germany inflation euro crisis
Allowing prices to rise could help ease the euro crisis, but Germans just aren’t buying it.
Euro sign 08 24 2012
Why young Germans are down on the euro.
Mercedes sign 08 28 2012
The legendary German Mittlestand is opening to investment, but some worry its successful culture may be threatened.
Myanmar lights
As sanctions subside, a broken nation revels in the limelight and seeks to cash in.
Egypt nile grip 2012 4 6
Political uncertainty in post-revolution Egypt is allowing other Nile states to wrest control of the world’s longest river.
Shareholder spring occupy london 2012 05 10
Shareholders of blue-chip companies are rebelling against low dividends and excessive executive pay. And they're getting results.
Karen army myanmar
In resource-rich Myanmar, militias guard the goods.
Myanmar 2012 6 22
An electricity famine may strangle Myanmar's economic revolution.
Sea turtles swim to china
“Sea turtles,” or haigui, is the Mandarin term for overseas-educated Chinese who come home from abroad.
China college graduates
China can't promise employment to its young and educated either.