Pyrenees 2015 3 2
The planned European Energy Union is going to be big, if they can pull it off.
Zhao benshan maradona
His crime? Belonging to the wrong political clique.
Cuba paris hilton castro 1 2015 03 01
The talks between Havana and Washington may be slow going, but Cuba is clearly emerging from its 1950s time capsule.
Venezuela supermarket line 1 2015 02 28
Once hailed as the savior of Latin America’s poor, Hugo Chavez’s movement is now in economic ruin and jailing democratic opponents.
Ukraine mobile 1 2015 2 24
It’s a telecom gift to a country in need, even if much of the world is moving on to 4 or 5G.
Tsipras feb 21
'We won a battle, not the war. The difficulties, the real difficulties ... are ahead of us,' Tsipras said.
Sign hsbc private bank geneva feb 19 2015
Analysis: Heard about income inequality lately? Here's one way the rich keep getting richer.
Venezuela bolivar to dollar 2014 01 23
Devaluation? What devaluation?
South korea heather cho nut rage prison
The executive’s prison term comes amid impunity that dwarfs Wall Street’s.
Greece tsipras russia feb 7
Beyond the economy, Athens' ties with Moscow are causing concern for allies.
Petrobras protest 2015 02 04
It’s hard to overstate what a big deal this scandal is in Brazil.
Karaoke bar china
Trading sex for favors is often legal, or difficult to enforce. Vietnam is cracking down.
Parthenon construction
New government faces race against time to reach deal with skeptical European creditors.
Ikea south korea
Uber and Ikea are the latest victims of officials who just can’t help protecting the locals.
London nfl 2015 01 29
American football mulls a franchise abroad.
China karaoke bar
Forced child sex in return for business favors.
Cadbury dairy milk banned in US
Or there's about to be a booming black-market trade in Cadbury eggs.
Greece elections austerity syriza
Tsipras or Merkel will have to give ground if Greece is to stay in the euro zone.
Russia putin binoculars 2015 01 26
Analysis: For Putin's Russia, the Syriza win comes in handy.
Samsung galaxy
Forget plastics. I just want to say one word for you, just one word: Samsung.
Crimea outage 2015 01 23
It’s been downhill ever since Russia annexed the Black Sea peninsula last March.
Iran internet cafe
Scandinavia is crushing it while developing nations fall behind.
Obama north korea hack jan 19
Hidden US software provided an 'early warning radar' that Pyongyang was behind the Sony hack, according to the New York Times.
Charlie free speech unity march france jan 11
It's a bit of the 'pot calling the kettle black,' wouldn't you say?
Ecuador rafael correa 2015 01 16
Dubious copyright complaints are prompting Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to take down posts that criticize Rafael Correa’s government, rights groups say.
Real Madrid soccer logo
Five of the 20 richest clubs in Europe are sponsored by a Gulf company.
Ukraine finance minister 2015 01 14
The Ukrainian government is taking all the help it can get to battle corruption and enact reforms.
Sme robot abb leadthroughprogramming 21
As right-wing protesters march against immigration, industry looks to machines, hoping robots will add at least as many jobs as they take away.
India child slavery
At 13, he was rescued. Here’s his story.
Breaking News Graphic
Search crews have located a data recorder that could help explain why Flight 8501 went down two weeks ago.
Cuba economy 8 31 2011
The Communist island loosens up a little. Here’s why.
Cuba 2012 7 31
The abrupt closing of a popular Havana business tests Raul Castro reforms.
Germany inflation euro crisis
Allowing prices to rise could help ease the euro crisis, but Germans just aren’t buying it.
Euro sign 08 24 2012
Why young Germans are down on the euro.
Mercedes sign 08 28 2012
The legendary German Mittlestand is opening to investment, but some worry its successful culture may be threatened.
Myanmar lights
As sanctions subside, a broken nation revels in the limelight and seeks to cash in.
Egypt nile grip 2012 4 6
Political uncertainty in post-revolution Egypt is allowing other Nile states to wrest control of the world’s longest river.
Shareholder spring occupy london 2012 05 10
Shareholders of blue-chip companies are rebelling against low dividends and excessive executive pay. And they're getting results.
Karen army myanmar
In resource-rich Myanmar, militias guard the goods.
Myanmar 2012 6 22
An electricity famine may strangle Myanmar's economic revolution.
Sea turtles swim to china
“Sea turtles,” or haigui, is the Mandarin term for overseas-educated Chinese who come home from abroad.
China college graduates
China can't promise employment to its young and educated either.