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2010: The year in sex

From "bunga-bunga parties" to designer vaginas, behold the 10 best sex stories of 2010.

BOSTON — WikiLeaks. Afghanistan. Haiti's earthquake. Chile's miners.

Yes, it was an important year for global news. But we know what you're really interested in. And on that score 2010 did not disappoint.

Here's a quick roundup of the year in sex.

1) The Italian Stallion

In Italy, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi remained the godfather of sex scandals. Berlusconi spent much of 2010 fending off various allegations, the most serious involving 17-year-old Moroccon belly dancer Karima Keyek, better known by her stage name Ruby Rubacuori, or Stealer of Hearts.

Berlusconi's defense? "It's better to be passionate about a beautiful girl than a gay."

The scandals roiled the Italian government, led to a confidence vote and sparked perhaps the most colorful sex term of the year: "bunga-bunga parties,"  wild soirees reportedly hosted by the 74-year old leader where participants engage in after-dinner sex.

2) Designer vaginas, anyone

The Czech Republic solidified its reputation as the sex capital of Europe in 2010.

That's where GlobalPost correspondent Iva Skoch (Prague's own) uncovered a boom in designer vaginas — plastic surgery to help women feel better about their genital appearance, or even resemble their favorite porn stars.

3) Gay-4-Pay

Speaking of porn, another Skoch investigation this year revealed the extent to which straight men are participating in Prague's thriving gay porn industry.

According to William Higgins, an American producer and self-styled “dean of gay porn," gay men want to see straight guys but imagine them as gay, which is why 90 percent of the Czech men he uses in his films are heterosexuals, or at least “that's what they like to call themselves.”

Europe's economic crisis is also playing a role.

4) He shoots, he scores?

In South Africa, the World Cup grabbed plenty of headlines in 2010, not all of them having to do with soccer.

That was certainly the case after the South African government requested one billion condoms from the United Kingdom to help World Cup fans stay safe while tending to their after-football needs. (The Brits responded by sending 42 million).

The prophylactic plea should come as no surprise, as we also learned this year that South Africa is Condom Nation.

5) Poland's priestly sex guru

The Catholic Church made sex headlines in 2010, from Canada, to Belgium, to Rome and beyond. But not all of them had to do with sexual abuse.

Our tireless sex beat reporter Iva Skoch found a priest in Poland who has become an unlikely sexpert.

Through books and a popular website, Father Ksawery Knotz has developed a healthy following from those who seek his advice on matters ranging from God-approved birth control to the morality of oral sex.

"Woman who has not experienced an orgasm due to the fact that sexual intercourse has been too fast, could let her husband satisfy her in any other way," Knotz writes in a section called Ending of Marital Intercourse. "Only after experiencing an orgasm (sometimes several orgasms) an excited woman could feel fully-appeased."

6) Behold the "Rape-aXe"

The horrors of rape were well-documented in 2010.