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Raw Feed: South Sudan awaits results

After peaceful voting, South Sudanese have little doubt they will become independent.

The voting has ended in South Sudan and the counting has begun. It will take weeks before the final result is announced.

But there is little doubt among the 4 million registered voters in South Sudan that they voted overwhelmingly for independence.

GlobalPost senior correspondent for Africa Tristan McConnell, in this Raw Feed video, describes the celebratory atmosphere that he witnessed this week in southern Sudan.

Despite widespread predictions of violence and chaos, the week-long voting took place peacefully. Thousands of southern Sudanese stood in lines for hours, waiting patiently and sometimes singing, to cast their ballots.

Voting ended on Saturday and it was quickly confirmed that the threshold of 60 percent of registered voters had cast their ballots to make the election valid.

Domestic and international observers praised the orderly voting process. The one area of concern has been the northern region of Abyei, where voting did not take place and which is claimed by both the North and South.

Foreign observers widely endorsed the fairness and credibility of the referendum.

U.S. President Barack Obama praised the vote. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged political parties in the country to "seize the moment."

The atmosphere in the south is jubilant. In the north, however, the feeling appears to be resignation and disappointment, but it seems the Khartoum government and the people of the North are prepared to accept the result, rather than reject it.