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Torn between identities in Argentina

Hundreds of kidnapped children must decide if they want to expose their parents' crimes.

"Who I am is everything that has happened to me, " she said. "It's the 21 years that I've lived as Mercedes and the 10 years I've been living as Claudia. And the eight months that I had with my parents when I was first born.

It's not always easy, but Poblete maintains relationships with both her biological family and the one that raised her.

"Nobody can tell you who to love," Poblete said." If you want to, you can keep the family you … ." Guadalupe, the 8-month-old mess of curly blond hair feeding on her mother's breast, interrupts Poblete mid-sentence.

Poblete says her daughter will always know the truth of what happened. “There won’t be a specific moment to tell her, she'll always know. Photos of my parents are everywhere."

Poblete opens an album filled with Polaroids and faded color chrome: Poblete as a grouchy-faced baby, Roa, Pepe giving her a bath, her mother breast feeding her.

But when Poblete pulls out a picture of her mother as a baby, it's hard not to gasp. She looks nearly identical to Claudia's daughter. Down to the mass of blond ringlets and lips.

Guadalupe will never know her grandparents, but Claudia says uncovering her past has been all for the best.

"An uncle used to say to me 'The truth is sad, but it has no remedy.'"