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Mexico celebrates ruling on Arizona law

Federal blocks on "racist" state hailed by Mexicans of all stations.

Jose Miguel Insulza, the President of the Organization of American States, also commended the ruling. 

“It is not my job to comment on the decisions of national courts, but I have always said that it doesn’t seem fair to me to criminalize people who are looking for a better life,” said Insulza, who is Chilean. 

“I hope that in the coming months we can see proposals that would help resolve this serious problem.”

On the streets, Martha Sanchez, of the Meso-American Migrant Movement joined activists in victory chants. 

However, she said there was still concern about the brewing anti-immigrant movement in the United States that led to the law. 

“The hatred that has woken up is not finished with,” Sanchez said. 

Luis Angel Nieto, director of a migrant rights group called Our Links of Blood said that the United States has been unjust in refusing to legalize many Mexican workers who have been in the United States for decades. 

“How is it possible that the cockerels in California have more rights than our migrant brothers?” he said.