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Taiwan says goodbye to World Games 2009

VIDEO: How did your favorite korfballer do?


Clash of the kayaks

Canoe polo was much rougher and more exciting than I expected. It starts from the opening, when the ball is tossed to the middle of the pool. Both sides' teams rush to get to it first, resulting in a head-on kayak collision at full speed.

Later, players paddled over each other's kayaks and pushed opponents underwater. It was hard to tell what, if anything, constituted a foul, aside from smacking an opponent in the face with one's paddle.

On the men's side, the Netherlands won handily over the French, despite a large contingent of chanting French fans.

World Games girls gone wild?

Beach handball got a lot of attention in the local media for the clinging micro-outfits worn by the buff female athletes. Local TV ran side-by-side shots comparing the "waiguoren" (foreigner) uniforms' with the Taiwan team's slightly more conservative look. I couldn't see much of a difference, quite honestly.

Later, scanty garb hit the news again when a few Brazilian female athletes decided to sunbathe topless on a beach in Kaohsiung, in full view of several police and children. The police appeared flummoxed and came in for media criticism for not getting the girls to cover up more quickly.

Taiwan may use scantily-clad "la mei" (spicy girls) to sell everything from computer parts to hot-pot soups. But when it comes to going topless on the beach, the island's conservative side comes out.

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