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A café for the Paris sewing crowd

Owners of Sweat Shop aim to make stitching, knitting and crocheting cool again.

Materials, such as patterns, yarn, and scissors are provided, and customers can bring their own fabric to create anything they want — clothes, hats, bags and apparently even capes.

“It’s really a great place for meeting like-minded people,” said Em Matthews, 23, a prolific knitter, who decided to intern at the shop a few times per week in exchange for all the knitting she can stand. The exchange is well worth it for her, she said, since it is a way of feeding her interest in textiles and making articles by hand.

This summer the shop is planning to offer “patch up” your language courses, to entice anyone interested in a language exchange to come and practice their English and French while they sew, knit or crochet.

“It’s a different way for me to recycle myself in fashion,” said Holleis about her experience with the shop. “It feels good to share what I’ve learned all these years.