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Can Bollywood heal the India-Pakistan relationship?

A new media campaign in India and Pakistan aims to change history.

Of course, Aman ki Asha has its naysayers. Much of the heated exchanges between young hawks and doves is taking place in the blogosphere among Indian and Pakistani youth.

Moreover, the attacks in Mumbai in November 2008, allegedly orchestrated from Pakistan and carried out by trained Pakistani militants, have been a major setback to peace. For many Indians, anger and mistrust has seeped into the public imagination of Pakistan and Pakistanis.

“There was an awareness that it could be misunderstood and it is actually being misunderstood,” said Dias. "It’s being misunderstood as us forgiving terror, fundamentalism and all those kind of things from across the world, and particularly from across the border.”

In a sense, this turnabout in attitudes typifies the ongoing instability of the Indo-Pak relationship.

So is this latest effort doomed to fail? Aslam, for one, says now is the time to change, maybe even heal, the Indo-Pak relationship.

“We have gone looking for each other's pasts in each other's country," the Geo TV president said. "It’s time to move on and look at each other's future.”