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Italian military offers internships

Italy offers internships to youths to entice them to join the country's dwindling military.

“The shooting lessons will be simulated, not real ones,” Romano said, adding that “the training is purely formal.”

Also, internships are unpaid and participants are required to leave a warranty deposit in cash for the uniforms and outfits used. “That’s in case the clothes get ruined,” the colonel said. “But as for everything else — food and shelter — it’s all covered by the Defense Ministry.”

While a lack of remuneration may  seem not so appealing to young adults, the program has already registered a great success.

The Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa, speaking to the media, said that in just nine days “thousands of applications” had been filed online to the ministry’s headquarters in Rome. The internships look set to boost the image and appeal of the army and, in the long run, may boost the ranks of professional soldiers.