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A porn channel for women blossoms

Dutch station Dusk discovers that women like to watch sex that looks real.

Getting the actors to put their hearts into it and produce a credible plot to frame the sex makes porna much more challenging than following the formulas of traditional porn, said Bell.

“Casting is my No. 1 challenge. Within the porn industry, some of those people can act but it’s hard to find them,” she explained. “I’ve had more luck working with performance artists, dancers … theater and film actresses who are willing to take a risk or just regular people who are very open and honest about their sexuality.”

Bell and Broersma have been surprised to discover that men are also tuning in to porna.

“I think a lot of men are fed up with traditional porn and they want to see something else. They are always interested to discover what women want to see,” Broersma said. “Couples are also watching together.”

Broersma is a pornographer with a mission. He wants to make female porn mainstream.

He plans to expand Dusk in Germany this year and has inquiries from several other countries. With the erotic TV market being squeezed by the internet, Broersma says cable companies realize they don’t have the luxury to ignore the female half their audience.

“When we started here in Holland we had the ambition that the word porna has to be within the dictionary within three years," he said. "We only have one year left and I think we will succeed.”

Editor's note: For more on pornography, read Iva Skoch's investigation into Prague's booming gay porn industry, in which most actors are straight.

This story was updated to correct a name.