Suspected Merah accomplices released without charge

Two men arrested in connection with Islamist gunman Mohamed Merah's Toulouse killings have been released without charge, judicial sources said Saturday.

The two men, aged 28 and 30, had been suspected of complicity in Merah's March 2012 shooting spree, which left seven people, including three Jewish children, dead in and around Toulouse.

The two suspects, said to have links to Islamist extremists, had been detained since Tuesday under anti-terrorism legislation. One of them was released Thursday, the other on Saturday, sources said.

French police doubt that Merah could have acted alone but so far the only person charged with helping him has been his brother Abdelkader.

A self-described Al-Qaeda sympathiser, Merah shot a rabbi, three Jewish schoolchildren and three French paratroopers before being shot dead in a police siege in Toulouse.

In early December, a 38-year-old man and his girlfriend were arrested in connection with the attacks but both were later released without charge.

This week's arrests came on the eve of a meeting between Interior Minister Manuel Valls and the families of Merah's victims.

A lawyer for the family of Imad Ibn Ziaten, the first paratrooper to have been killed by Merah, described the timing of the arrests as "troubling".