NFL: Power outage halts Super Bowl

A power outage brought the Super Bowl to a halt on Sunday, leaving the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers waiting for half the lights in the Louisiana Superdome to be restored.

The Ravens led 28-6 thanks to a National Football League record 109-yard kickoff return by Jacoby Jones to start the second half.

But then came an unprecedented stoppage of the championship spectacle in New Orleans, which had just featured a half-time show filled with electrical and lighting wizardry and starring pop star Beyonce.

The outage came as a result of a power surge with only 98 seconds elapsed in the third quarter. When the stadium when dark, fans began chanting but there was no action on the pitch.

Players spent the unwelcome break stretching and trying to stay prepared for the resumption of play, lights slowly coming back on.

But the delay was expected to last at least half an hour in all.