Poland extradites Russian casino ring suspect

Poland on Wednesday extradited a former Russian prosecutor wanted in Moscow over claims of involvement in an illegal casino ring.

Alexander Ignatenko was detained on an international arrest warrant in January last year by Polish intelligence officers near Zakopane, a southern mountain resort popular with Russian tourists.

Poland's deputy justice minister Wojciech Wegrzyn told the PAP news agency that Ignatenko was transferred from a prison facility in the southern city of Tarnow to Warsaw before being handed over to Russia.

Poland had approved Ignatenko's extradition in November.

Russian authorities had issued a warrant in May 2011 after Ignatenko was fired from his post as a prosecutor following the discovery of a network of illegal casinos in the Moscow region.

Russian investigators allege senior police and prosecutors turned a blind eye to the casinos, which they estimate made between five to 10 million dollars a month.