French watchdog trying to find 'origin of horsemeat fraud'

France's anti-fraud watchdog said Friday that horsemeat found in lasagne meals was falsely marked as beef and said it was trying to trace the origin of the fraud.

Inspections "have confirmed the presence of horsemeat mixed with beef" the DGCCRF said in a statement, adding it was "trying to identify where the fraud originated and the commercial circuits concerned."

It said investigations had shown that the meat was "provided by a French supplier" and added it was in touch with the European Commission and European counterparts to try to track the source of the fraud.

Food company Findus tested 18 of its frozen beef lasagne products from its French supplier Comigel and found 11 meals containing between 60 percent and 100 percent horsemeat, Britain's Food Standards Agency said.

The lasagnes were produced in Luxembourg, where veterinary authorities said the meat had been imported from France where it had been falsely labelled as beef.