Russia jails colonel cleared of Chubais plot

A Moscow court handed down Friday a 13-year sentence for plotting to stage an armed revolt to a retired military intelligence colonel who had earlier been cleared of trying to kill Russia's liberal privatisation chief Anatoly Chubais.

The city court convicted 64-year-old Vladimir Kvachkov of attempting to organise a militant nationalist party armed -- somewhat bizarrely -- with crossbows in the Volga River city of Togliatti.

Kvachkov received the armed revolt charge in December 2010 after the Supreme Court upheld the innocent verdict he was handed in his trial over the attempted bombing of Chubais's entourage in 2005.

Chubais -- the unpopular face of the late President Boris Yeltsin's market reforms in the 1990s that left many impoverished -- escaped unharmed after an explosive device went off near his armoured vehicle.

Prosecutors had claimed that a car belonging to Kvachkov's wife was seen leaving the scene of the attack moments after the explosion.

Kvachkov, a retired military intelligence officer who served in Russia's conflicts in Chechnya, has twice unsuccessfully run for parliament from jail.