Turkish Marxist group apologises to wounded journalist

A radical Turkish Marxist group which claimed the suicide bombing at the US embassy in Ankara last week has offered an apology to a journalist wounded in the attack, according to an online statement.

Television journalist Didem Tuncay, 38, was seriously wounded in the attack last Friday, which also killed a Turkish security guard at the embassy.

"We apologise for this unintentional injury to Didem Tuncay, her family, our public and workers of the press," the Revolutionary People's Liberation Front (DHKP-C) said in a statement posted on the Halkin Sesi (Voice of the People) website, adding that journalists would never be a target.

Tuncay was undergoing an eye surgery on Friday after a piece of shrapnel hit her in the face, but she is expected to be released next week.

The DHKP-C, a vehemently anti-US group, expressed no regrets over the killing of the 46-year-old security guard, describing him as "an enemy of the people" and saying he deserved his fate for "having served America for 20 years".

The outlawed DHKP-C, classified as a terrorist organisation by the United States and the European Union, has waged a string of attacks over the past few decades that have left dozens of people dead, including prominent political and military figures.