Romania says no irregularities seen in horsemeat scandal

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said "no irregularities" had been committed by companies in the country despite allegations that two abattoirs had duped European food companies by selling horsemeat as beef.

"We have made verifications...There exists no violation of European rules and standards" by the two abattoirs, Ponta told a news conference.

"The verifications made are not confirming any wrong labelling" of the meat by the two Romanian abattoirs, the Agriculture minister Daniel Constantin stressed.

According to Ponta, the French meat-processing company Spanghero "did not have a direct contract with Romanian firms".

He called on authorities in Europe to "establish clearly where the fraud originated and who are the guilty ones".

He said: "Romania cannot accept to be the usual suspect."

A food scandal engulfed Europe last week after beef lasagne sold by Swedish food giant Findus in Britain was found to contain up to 100 percent equine flesh.

The lasagne were produced by a French subcontractor of Findus, Comigel, which blamed French meat-processing company Spanghero.

In turn, Spanghero accused Romanian abattoirs where the meat was bought via traders in Cyprus and the Netherlands.