Orange Poland to axe 1,700 jobs in 2013: official

Orange Poland, controlled by France Telecom, will axe 1,700 of its total 22,414 jobs in Poland this year, a company spokesman told AFP on Tuesday.

"In light of the economic situation, Orange Poland must reduce its costs. There will be 1,700 voluntary and involuntary layoffs this year," Spokesman Wojchiech Jabczynski said.

Orange Polska, previously know as formerly known as Telekomunikacja Polska (TP), is Poland's biggest fix-line telecommunications operator. It also offers mobile services.

It is a public company, traded on the London and Warsaw Stock Exchanges.

"Over the last three years the group has already cut 5,000 jobs," Jabczynski added, saying that most of the new job cuts would be voluntary.

Telecoms giant France Telecom controls 49.79 percent of Orange Poland.

With nearly 15 million clients, Orange Polska is among the country's biggest mobile operators.

The expanding mobile sector is taking a toll on its number of fixed line clients, which tumbled by 600,000 in 2012 alone.

But with 5.1 million fixed-line customers Orange Polska is the biggest operator in the EU country of 38.5 million people.