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Israel confirms held mystery foreigner on security grounds


Israel on Wednesday confirmed it had imprisoned a mystery foreigner in solitary confinement on security grounds who had committed suicide, without revealing his identity or the charges against him.

"The Israel Prisons Service (IPS) held a prisoner who was an Israeli citizen and also held foreign citizenship. For security reasons the man was held under a false identity although his family was immediately informed of his arrest," a justice ministry statement said.

It said he was found dead in his cell two years ago and a judicial inquiry ruled that he had taken his own life.

"Following an extensive investigation it was ruled six weeks ago that it was suicide," the statement said.

"The prisoner was held in jail under a warrant issued by a court," it said.

"Procedures regarding the prisoner were followed by the highest officials at the ministry of justice, and the individual rights of the prisoner were retained, subject to the provisions of the law."